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- Wesley Covey -

Record Producer

Unleash Your Potential,

Let Your Music Be Heard.

Gwyneth Covey, ON

"Wes is a careful and kind producer who cares greatly for each musician he works with. He doesn’t hold back for any of his clients connecting them with best people and technology to assist with the creation of their music."

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Gwyneth Covey

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Gwyneth Covey

About Me.

Wes is a Record Producer and Recording/Mix Engineer who specializes in Folk, Singer/Songwriter, and Rock genres with expertise in many instruments such as piano, drums, bass, guitar, horns, and voice. Having started recording and producing at the age of 16, Wes is eager to take on new projects and create exceptional sounds for artists of all backgrounds. With a strong commitment to growth and collaboration, Wes actively works alongside fellow musicians, producers, and engineers at the Canadian Musicians Cooperative to expand his industry knowledge and connections. Wesley is committed to working WITH his clients to understand the vision for their projects and providing the resources they need to get there. He strives to build the resources, contacts and abilities to fulfill any requests his artists may have.



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